Six Notorious Women Of The Bible (6 CD's)

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In this series of messages we examine the lives of six notorious women in the Bible. Some are just plain bad from start to finish. Delilah, Jezebel and Potiphar’s Wife had no redeeming qualities at all. Rahab the Harlot started out bad and ended up good. Bathsheba paid a terrible price for one night of illicit passion, but became the mother of Solomon. The Woman taken in Adultery was treated so graciously by Jesus that her story still touches the heart strings today. Journey with us through the lives of these six notorious women and see what God is trying to say to us through their stories.


The Importance Of The Cross (4 CD's)

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No subject can be more important and dearer to the believer’s heart than Jesus death on the cross. Yet many Christians have a scant understanding of what it’s all about. They would be hard pressed in a conversation with an unbeliever to articulate anymore than the merest explanation of this most central plank of the Christian faith. These four messages about the cross of Christ are designed to help you grasp some of the great mysteries of that world changing, history making event 2000 years ago.


Lord, Teach Us To Pray (12 CD's)

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Now there are two ways of dealing with this subject. One is to put us all on a mega guilt trip and use it as a big stick to beat us into shape. Or, see the blessings and wonderful advantages that await us when we grow closer to Christ through prayer. The former may get us started and may even get us to continue in prayer, but it will be joyless, a chore, and a guilt ridden duty that we carry out but have no delight in. The latter can be a joy, a delight, something that we desire to do and find it a thrill to experience His presence. My feeling is that most of us know the former but really wished we lived in the latter. In this series of messages we will look at various aspects of prayer and different kinds of prayer. Journey with us as we explore the blessings of prayer.


Twelve Notable Women Of The Bible (12 CD's)

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In this twelve part series I have chosen twelve remarkable women of the Bible. I want to show you how God delights in using the wonderful gifts and graces that women possess for His glory and man’s good. You will see their wisdom, courage, humility and their wonderful ability to lead, plan, and bear responsibility and exhibit tremendous faith and faithfulness. Their individual stories are enlightening, challenging and God honouring. In this series we will look at Eve, Mary – The Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, Abigail, Deborah, The Samaritan Woman, Esther, Sarah, Rebekah and Lydia.


Revelation - The Unveiling Of End Times (24 CD's)

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In this 24 part series of studies on the Book of Revelation, Pastor Goudy will take you through it verse by verse, setting out in chronological order the sequence of events. Detailing all the signs and symbols found both in Revelation and Daniel relating to end-time events. This is a fascinating and exciting study for all those who desire to see the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and live their lives in the light of its truths.


What The Best Dressed Christian Wears (6 CD's)

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Prada, Versace or Gucci may look great on the catwalk, but they are totally inappropriate for the battlefield. Every Christian is in a battle. We live in a place where two worlds collide; the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. The Christian's war is not with flesh and blood, our weapons are not earthly but heavenly. In this six part series we look at what the best dressed Christian wears. We cannot afford to face the evil one without having our spiritual armour on. However, if we put on the whole armour of God then we can defeat every plan of the wicked one.


Update On Israel (2 CD's)

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God has a plan for Israel. It’s a prophetic, biblical and spiritual plan. There is much replacement theology taught today (that God has finished with Israel and replaced it with the Church) But God is not finished with Israel. He has made everlasting covenants with her. Although she has come close to extinction several times through extermination or assimilation yet Israel is once again a force to be reckoned with. The Pharaohs, Nebuchadnezzar’s and Nero’s of the ancient world could not destroy them. The Hitler’s, Nasser’s, Arafat’s, and Hussein’s of today are dead and gone but Israel lives on. Osama Bin Laden or Ahmadinejad of Iran will not destroy them either. He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.


The Precious Blood Of Christ (6 CD's)

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From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is a book about blood. From the coat of skins God gave Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness, to the spilled blood of Abel. From the blood of bulls, goats and heifers in the Tabernacle, to the blood of Christ in the New Testament. From the dawn of mans history to the end of the age, scripture is filled with references about the blood. Someone has said that if you cut the Bible it would bleed. We sing about the blood, we plead the blood, we extol the blood, but what do we actually know about the blood of Christ? What does it do? What has it done for us? What is it doing for us right now? This series of teaching is designed to remind us of the importance, and significance, of the precious blood of Christ.


The Da Vinci Code - Fact Or Fiction (2 CD's)

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With over forty millions books already in print, The Da Vinci Code, has become a publishing phenomenon around the world. Should The Da Vinci Code bother the Christian world? Is it not, after all, simply a novel, a work of fiction? True, it is a gripping yarn, a real page-turner. It has all the ingredients that make a great thriller. Conspiracies, enigmas, secret societies, gruesome murders, a fast paced story line, art, history, religion and fascinating leading characters. Yet within it’s pages there is a not so subtle attempt to rip out the very heart of Christianity itself. Jesus Christ, the Church, the Bible and Christian history are presented as fraudulent, perpetuating a great lie, masterminded by the Church itself for political and self serving ends, in order to conceal a closely guarded secret about Jesus that could spell disaster for the Church. Dan Brown is keen to say that although The Da Vinci Code is a novel, yet it is factually and historically accurate. But is it, do his claims add up? Has all that we have been told for two thousand years been a terrible lie? Or, is The Da Vinci Code simply a preposterous con? Is it fact or fiction?


The Twelve Men Jesus Chose (12 CD's)

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Who were these twelve men? What were they like? Jesus said that they were dull of hearing, spiritually slow and lacked faith. They acted carnally and fell asleep during prayer times. They were at times racially motivated, ambitious, and even cowardly. When Jesus needed them the most, at His trial and crucifixion, they deserted Him. If you had to pick a team to entrust your vision to, it would not be them! If you were to pick twelve men to carry on your mission when you had gone, none of these would have been your first choice! However, in spite of their shortcomings, lapses, blunders, foul ups and failures, Christ, who knows the hearts of all men, still chose these very ones, even Judas among them, to lay the foundation of Christianity for all men for all time. In this series of messages we will look at their lives and see what we can learn.


Jesus Our Great High Priest (12 CD's)

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It’s unfortunate that many Christians today see little value in reading the Old Testament. Apart for the Psalms, and the first few chapters of Genesis, whole swathes go unread. Often this has to do with a lack of understanding, rather than simply not having the desire to study it. In this 12 part study of the High Priest’s garments we want to show how an understanding of the symbolism of these garments speaks so wonderfully of Jesus, our Great High Priest. In our examination of these beautiful garments we will look at The Linen Coat, The Girdle, The Robe of the Ephod, The Curious Girdle, The Golden Bells and the Pomegranates, The Breastplate of Judgement, The Urim and Thummin, The Twelve Precious Gemstones, The Twelve Sons and Tribes of Israel, The Breeches and the Turban.

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Pastor David Goudy has over 30 years experience in pastoral and teaching ministry. He is gifted with an ability to communicate the truths of Scripture in a practical and powerful way. His down to earth, honest style bring forth the hidden truths of the Word of God in a way that encourages people to be grounded, steadfast and sure of God's intent and purpose for their life and the life of the wider church.

A number of David's teaching series are available to order, as complete box sets. We hope that these resources will encourage, challenge and bless you in your walk with God.

We encourage these teaching materials to be bought as a gift for a friend or family member, so they too can be built up in their faith or brought closer to making a decision for Christ.

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